Artist: Evn
Title: Oh Cruel Science
Format: Digital download / 12″ vinyl
Toltal timing: 24:29
Cat. no: ENK013
Release date: 9th May 2013

Eyescrater Lava – 05:30
Handplant – 04:17
Boombars – 05:40
Lipsteeth – 04:56
Cosmic Oven – 04:04

Oh Cruel Science is the thirteenth Enklav release, the second to be printed on vinyl, as well as the second work for Enrico Luccheses project Evn.After his first mini-album Cloche Insecure, a 56 minutes journey in a dilated abstract land stretched in long dreamy melodies and at times crushed by squelchy fast beats, Evn presents his more beat-oriented work.Oh Cruel Science is a 5 tracks EP in which noises, synths and drums create evolving hypnotic textures, imaginary landscapes of repetitive pulsating patterns composed to be a complete physical-emotional-intellectual experience. Evn sounds come from the use of analog modular synthesizers and digital machines with which he creates his own timbres and structures starting from scratch through the manipulation and modulation of raw waveforms and noises by means of meticulous patching and looping techniques.