Artist: Von Tesla
Title: Farewell Is A Building
Format: Digital download / 12″ vinyl
Toltal timing: 25:25
Cat. no: ENK016
Release date: 19th January 2015

Decay Of Vacuum – 06:07
A / R Into The Future – 07:18
City Lights – 04:11
Farewell – 07:48

“It was the light. That was it. She was trying to remember what brought her to this desolate, godforsaken place. The way the moon and the stars made the shadows dance; it was magic. She slipped into a trance just thinking about it, forgetting at once the decay and the damned all around her. The shadows had fallen still long ago. Then the darkness poured in. It had filled her. Swallowed her whole. How long had it been now? She couldn’t remember. The paper of her hands, the dust in her mouth; she barely noticed. Far from any road there was a massive building with a lot of concrete rooms. Inside it, a labyrinth path to bid farewell.”

Von Tesla is a haunted loop hunter experimenting with synthesis and maker of eerie, multilayered electronic music. Grainy textures, drones and obscured pulses are all rewritten into misty, oppressive landscapes or airless, shining snapshots of the cosmos. ‘Farewell Is A Building’ is Von Tesla’s lighter, sci-fi facing following up to ‘Providing Needles’, the Italian’s doom-laden Enklav debut, released back in January last year. “Decay Of Vacuum” opens with shimmering synths before slipping into the kind of warbled manipulations Von Tesla does best. “A/R Into The Future” shows off the producer’s sludgy, heavyweight side, whilst “City Lights” could be some sparkling John Carpenter reinvention. “Farewell” then leaves you stranded on a sparse and alien landscape, far away from anything else.