Artist: Von Tesla
Title: Secure Digital
Format: Digital download / SD card
Toltal timing: 38:44
Code: ENK023
Release date: 12th September 2016

Spline – 5:26
Wound – 7:50
XXXVI – 5:11
Formation – 3:26
Blank – 6:04
VUH – 4:55
Aloof – 5:54

After “Providing Needles” and the abrasive cosmic trip of “Farewell Is A Building” Von Tesla is coming back to planet Enklav with a seven-track maxi single entitled “Secure Digital”, available in limited SD card format. If “Spline” and “Wound” represent rhythmic strength, in an entanglement of disorienting industrial rough sounds, “XXXVI” and “Blank” are loops of slow-released, hypnotic electrical shocks. “Formation” is the most evocative and melancholic track of the whole piece. There is also room for ambient sounds that you find in “VUH” with its ethereal soundscapes and for metallic sounds spangled in “Aloof”. This work demonstrates how Von Tesla is able to design an alienating futuristic atmosphere, always bringing the listener into unknown electronic territories of interpretative chaos filled with an otherworldly aesthetic and an experimental driven attitude.